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Avi Dar And Edin Sol Flash Back To A Lucky Fuck!

April 8th, 2013|

Avi Dar And Edin Sol In Lucky Fuck

A Classic Flashback!



Accidents happen: worked-out Israeli hunk Avi Dar is strutting down 39th Street, making a dildo delivery to Lucas Entertainment, when he and lean biker Edin Sol collide on the street corner. The toys go flying, and Edin helps Avi gather the stray dildos up; Avi then makes an offer that Edin can’t resist. “ I work for a porn company. Want to come see the office?” Forget the office: Avi leads Edin into the gay porn studio, wraps his arms around Edin’s toned torso, and begins smothering him with kisses. When their clothes come off, Edin’s slim frame is perfectly matched with Avi’s hunky, muscled physique. Avi turns Edin around, pecking his ass cheeks, and then buries his mouth in between, eating out his ass. The rimming turns into oral sex — Avi flexes his body as Edin slurps on and slobbers all over his cock.  Edin’s ass is the prize, and Avi’s powerful body shows the hungry bottom no mercy as he submits his ass to Avi’s thrusts. Avi pounds his cock deep inside Edin, hammering him as he moans in pleasure!

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Rocky Meets The Drifter Mano A Mano On Powermen!

April 2nd, 2013|




    It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Carl Payne & Rocky Remington!


  We all love a challenge, especially when we get a front row seat to see how it all plays out. When PM invited Rocky Remington to meet the mysterious drifter Carl Payne in their wrestling room, we hoped they’d go mano a mano – and we weren’t disappointed! Check out what transpires between these two muscle giants once the rubber hits the road – or, more accurately, when the testosterone hits the wrestling mat!

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Jackson Gunn Handsome Tough Solid Musclepup!

April 1st, 2013|

Gunn Butt


Jackson Gunn Handsome Tough Solid Musclepup!

On MuscleHunks.com


Nothing Like Jackson on Those Free Tube Sites!

There’s always something particularly appealing about short, solidly built musclepups with an obvious predilection towards doing lots of heavy sets of squats. Jackson Gunn, with his handsome, almost pseudo-tough face – the guy seems determined at all costs never to crack a smile – is put through the usual paces of wandering aimlessly through our favorite tropical resort, but it’s all just an opportunity for you to contemplate his exceptionally handsome flanks. Dive in.



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California Boys Do It Better Scene 1 ColtStudios!

February 2nd, 2013|


Scene 1 – Adrian Long tops Marc Dylan



It’s a lazy, sleepy morning as stud-couple Adrian Long and Marc Dylan spend the morning hours naked between the sheets. Marc stirs as he wakes with his head on Adrian’s chiseled torso. Marc helps Adrian greet the day with his frisky hands and a big wet kiss. Peeling away the covers, Marc wakes up Adrian’s long uncut cock as well. Spending the morning sucking and slurping on each other’s morning wood… what better way is there to start the day?


Check Out Adrian And Mark’s Action Preview

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Dripping Wet 4 Johnny Ryder And Paddy O Brian!

January 19th, 2013|


Dripping Wet 4 

Johnny Ryder And Paddy O'Brian

Falcon Studios 


The exquisite Paddy O’Brian is dangling his feet in the pool, but it’s not likely to cool himoff, because there’s a hot guy between his legs. Johnny Ryder is nibbling Paddy’s lips, like amer-man from the deep who rose to find 180 pounds of muscle that needs a closerinspection at the edge of his world. Zing go the strings of Paddy’s swimsuit when the inspection takes a turn. Johnny hooks the waistband of Paddy’s trunks under his balls,causing them to lift and separate as the fat shaft above them sinks into Johnny’s throat. When no part of Paddy’s hefty equipment is left unsucked, he rolls back and spreads hischeeks for Johnny’s tongue to sample the depths of a hairy crack. They choose dry land forfucking, and Johnny’s smooth, tan buns get split by Paddy’s monster meat. Sweat breaks outin rivulets that follow the contours of their flesh, pooling in the hollow of Johnny’s throatand curling around the hairs between Paddy’s pecs. On the cusp of exhaustion from suchintense fucking, they jerk out well-earned loads.

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Paul Powerhouse 6’4″ Hunk On JockButt!

December 28th, 2012|


Paul Powerhouse 6’4" Hunk

 On JockButt.com

Exclusive, Gorgeous New Model Paul PowerHouse ! Check out this 6’4" HUNK with beautiful green eyes and muscles for days.

What a magnificient muscle butt!

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Here’s a site for all of you with a fetish for jockstraps and what goes inside em! Paul is a professional bodybuilder. Neither women nor men can resist his performances.  We’re sure you agree this man is grade A Prime Beef!  Enjoy. 

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Mitchell Rock Solo Muscle At ManifestMen!

December 25th, 2012|

Mitchell Rock Thickly Muscle Knows What He’s Got


Mitchell Rock doesn’t need to hear the compliments, he doesn’t crave the praise. His eyes and serious look tell you he doesn’t care what you think. He KNOWS how handsome and powerfully built he is. Thickly muscled and with tattoos etched into his cannonball shoulders, Mitchell Rock embodies the confidence and physical beauty of the well-disciplined bodybuilder. He may not show it in his face but his body language tells you he is turned on by his own muscles and his uncanny ability to show them off in their best form.

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Edgy Hung Hot And Totally Gorgeous Chad Logan!

December 17th, 2012|

Chad Logan Explodes Into The Porn World!

At NextDoorMale.com


Chad Logan is without a doubt one of the hottest models we have seen! 

We see Chad slowly peeling off his jeans to reveal the assless undies he’s flaunting, reaching into his crotch to play with his huge thick dick, you can make the faint hint of it through the mesh in his shorts. Not content with merely teasing us, Chad strips down and spreads his legs, his massive cock all lubed up and ready to show off. Wrapping his fingers around his throbbing cock, he invites us to join him as he begins to stroke, bending over to expose his asshole as he rocks back and forth. Plopping his gorgeous meat down on the massage table, he lubes up and fucks his hand, trying to make do in your absence, before spraying his load all over in frenzied delight. Now its our turn. Watch of more of CHAD!

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Massive Jock Bryce Tucker Back On RandyBlue!

November 30th, 2012|

Blond Jock Bryce Tucker And Travis James



When you get a blond jock stud like Bryce Tucker it’s all you can do to just stare at the mountain of muscle before you. Bryce practically lives at the gym and has the body of a greek god to prove it. Now throw in the adorable Travis James, with a sweet handsome face and a smooth muscular jock body and you have the makings for one of the hottest hardcore gay porn videos around. Travis totally worships Bryce’s muscles, running his hands all over them, licking and touching wherever he pleases.  Bryce is hard as a rock with this horny stud exploring his body. Travis works all of Bryce’s rock hard cock down his talented throat and gets him so worked up he’ll do almost anything to get off. He then goes down on Travis and gives him a taste of his own medicine. Bryce has gotten really good at sucking cock and by the way Travis is practically begging to get plowed it’s obvious how much he’s getting into it. Bryce finally throws Trav! is’ legs up over his own head and rams his fuckstick deep inside. Travis can’t get enough and flips over so he can take it doggie style, feeling every inch of Bryce’s enormous dick. Finally Bryce hits home stretch as he shoots his load while looking at the expression of pure pleasure on Travis’ face, which he covers in his own hot sticky jizz. 


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Inside Job Landon Conrad And Issac Jones!

November 10th, 2012|

Inside Job Landon Conrad And Issac Jones!



When Issac is refused a bank loan he demands to see the Bank Manager thinking it has to be a mistake by the incompetent staff. But when the Bank manager himself informs him that he does not qualify for a loan Issac's temper flares and refuses to hear Mr Conrads reasons. So much so that Landon asks him very firmly to leave his office, but Issac will not leave that easily and the situation gets physical resulting in a struggle between the two men. But Issac has had enough of being talked down to by suits on a power trip and decides to show the Bank Manager and lesson by throwing him over his desk, ripping open the seam of his suit pants and giving his ass a good hard pounding. And although Issac still does not get the loan in the end, he's happy that at least he's given the big boss what was coming to him, not mention walking out covered in Landon's hot cum!

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